About Us

We believe it’s important to keep people updated on every facet of science as it comes out, and have actual scientists explain that information to non-scientists. The internet has been both a bane and a boon to how humanity experiences knowledge: data and information has become readily available, but it’s cluttered and often misinterpreted. The Daily Science Journal wants to help people understand the data and organize the information to create knowledge, ideally staving off ignorance one article at a time.

Daily Science Journal is made up of science journal writers, researchers, members of the academe and scientists from various fields, from quantum physics and astronomy, to geology and chemistry. We also have a couple of interns who were humanities majors, but we don’t take that against them! Kidding aside, every member of the Daily Science Journal team vets their articles extensively, doing in-depth research and using only reputable sources.

In a world where knowledge and information are readily available, science has become even more important in discerning truth from the noise. Daily Science Journal presents its readers with some of the latest, breaking news in the science world, but we also publish some weird, interesting, and sometimes even funny, science facts, just to remind everyone that, science is both important and cool.


Jerry Faustino

As our Editor-in-Chief, Jerry is one of the founding members of Daily Science Journal and has about a decade of experience working in the field of quantum physics. He graduated with a degree in Physics from Harvard (something he likes to remind people of on a daily basis) and got his Ph.D in Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, and Astrophysics from Charles University in Prague. When he’s not writing for Daily Science Journal, he lectures on Quantum Theory in both Charles University in Prague and in Cambridge University in England. When he’s not busy being a scientist, he helps his wife restore Chateaus in the French countryside.

Evelyn Schreiber

A life-long enthusiast of all things mechanical, Evelyn Schreiber graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering before venturing into medicine and graduating with honors from Imperial College London. She has worked as a consultant for various medical and aerospace companies with a focus on biomechanical applications in all sectors of technology and industry, from CERN and NASA to Tesla and Mitsubishi. When she’s not working in biomedical engineering and writing for Daily Science Journal, she works with her partner Joann running soup kitchens in San Francisco.

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